Neuland newbees present: visualization for studying

Posted on: 28. May 2021

In school or at university you’re always taking notes, have proper summaries but you still can’t keep the information in your head? Maybe you’re like me and sketchnoting will help you. Continue reading

Neuland newbees present: Bullet Journaling

Posted on: 5. March 2021

Starting something new is difficult but it doesnā€™t have to be. I want to share some tips and tricks that helped me start my Bullet Journal. šŸ˜‰ Best wishes, your Neuland trainee Melli Continue reading

Neuland FineOneĀ® ā€“ your go-to tool

Posted on: 2. January 2021

The Neuland FineOneĀ® is a true allrounder. With its different nibs and the great color range you can use it in almost any situation. And the best thing about it: This marker makes our range 100% refillable and the nibs are exchangeable, too! Continue reading

Analog tools in a digital world

Posted on: 11. September 2020

Although online trainings will never be able to replace in-person sessions, it’s a good addition to the world of workshops where analog tools shouldn’t be missing. But don’t underestimate this. You have to know what you’re doing. And this is where Neuland AmbassadorĀ® Heather Martinez and Neuland ToolmasterĀ® Sandra Dirks come into play: They are experts in the field and know exactly what’s most important. Continue reading

Sketchnote Lettering Skills with Mike Rohde

Posted on: 26. August 2020

Lettering for sketchnotes … Isnā€™t that just called ā€œhandwritingā€? Itā€™s actually much more than that! Continue reading