Orange housing and refillable permanent ink – the Neuland Outliner allows you to draw deep black lines that always look sharp.

The Outliners with their orange vest clearly differentiate themselves from regular markers at first sight already. However, just like it is in real life, the inner values are way more important.

Neuland No.One® Outliner
The Neuland No.One® is available with three different nibs.

The ink: water-based … and permanent!

The secret of our Outliners’ success is the water-based permanent ink. In comparison to alcohol-based ink this formulation works perfectly on paper as it will not bleed through. For obvious quality reasons this is hugely important to protect subsequent sheets from ink damage. So, feel free to draw and write on both sides of a sheet without having to worry about the marker bleeding through.

The other major feature of the Outliners is that the specially formulated ink won’t smudge or smear, even when you use lighter water-based marker colors near or over the black Outliner ink. Just give it a few quick seconds to dry, and then you’re safe to color over or around it as you can see here:

Comparison: Outliner vs. standard ink
Clear difference: permanent Outliner ink (above) vs. black standard ink (below)

Visual Practitioners’ favorite marker

Around the globe, the Neuland Outliners in their distinct orange marker casing have become the favorite amongst visual practitioners. With their large visual images filled with loads of color, their outlines and titles stay permanently on point without a hint of blurriness anywhere.

All professionals always want to put their best work forward, so the Outliner in all its various nibs has become an integral part of their visual tool kit. And a nice extra is that our Outliners – just like all Neuland Markers – can be easily refilled and their nibs replaced. This is good for the environment and it saves money.

Neuland Outliner meets colors
Say bye-bye to smudging or smearing outlines!

Meet the whole team

Today it’s impossible to imagine the Neuland assortment without Outliners. There’s at least one fitting Outliner for every marker type. Round nib, wedge nib, brush nib or flat chisel nib, Neuland FineOne®, Neuland TwinOne®, Neuland No.One®, or Neuland BigOne® – they leave nothing to be desired! And, of course, the Neuland Outliner is available in sets with convenient RefillBoxes, too.

Neuland Outliner team
Great variety: Neuland Outliners with different nibs in different sizes