Marker inventory

Posted on: 19. February 2021

Have you ever taken inventory of your markers? Of course we know that you have far fewer markers at home than we have in the Neuland Playground® or in stock. Taking inventory can be quite useful though. And it’s not even a lot of work! Continue reading

Travelling with Neuland Gear – Tips and Tricks from Heather Martinez

Posted on: 3. July 2019

Nice gear bag, but why is everything wrapped in plastic bags? Neuland Ambassador® Heather Martinez explains how she stores her tools when travelling. And some hacks might even be new to experienced facilitators… Continue reading

The Outliner Team

Posted on: 10. September 2013

The Outliners clearly differentiate themselves from regular markers by maintaining ink integrity.  For this reason they are a must-have item in every trainer’s kit if you want to keep your work intact and looking sharp! Continue reading