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Marker inventory

Have you ever taken inventory of your markers? Of course we know that you have far fewer markers at home than we have in the Neuland Playground® or in stock. Taking inventory can be quite useful though. And it’s not even a lot of work! Continue Reading

Perfect Circles and Hexagons

Tired of taking your dishes to graphic facilitation jobs just to draw neat circles? We’ve got the solution!

Continue Reading

Travelling with Neuland Gear – Tips and Tricks from Heather Martinez

Nice gear bag, but why is everything wrapped in plastic bags? Neuland Ambassador® Heather Martinez explains how she stores her tools when travelling. And some hacks might even be new to experienced facilitators… Continue Reading

The Outliner Team

The Outliners clearly differentiate themselves from regular markers by maintaining ink integrity. For this reason they are a must-have item in every trainer’s kit if you want to keep your work intact and looking sharp! Continue Reading

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