We first introduced our first white marker eight years ago and which really was ok – in its day. Yet a lot of things just weren’t as possible eight years ago as they are today. We were really a bit dissatisfied with the quality of the ink results from being too translucent and the time it took to gradually turn white as it dried.

Fast forward to now and what wasn’t possible then is now a reality! In our quest to offer the very best quality white marker, we started over and for almost two years our experts tirelessly experimented with the ink production. We tested many mixture compositions, filled endless markers, compared, used, and discarded many. This rinse and repeat cycle continued until we finally created a winning formula that was a deep white from the first stroke. The hallmark signatures of a Neuland marker of course all had to be there: consistent ink flow, water-based for an odorless experience, simple effortless refilling, and rich ink coverage with no spilling.

Finally, it’s here and quadrupled

  • The Neuland FineOne® Cover is ideal for smaller surfaces, giving you clean lines on black paper and dark backgrounds.
  • The Neuland No.One® Cover is available with wedge and bullet nibs.
  • The Neuland BigOne® Cover is offered with a dramatic large brush nib. Its strong lines and curves are ideal for handlettering on black paper and creates exciting accents on grey and brown paper. It can do even more: you can use it on large-format visualizations on glass boards or windowpanes.

In addition, you can use all Neuland Cover Markers on surfaces that have previously been blackened with a Neuland Outliner. You can also apply your Cover strokes in several layers on top of each other to get a fuller opaque result. The Cover markers can be used with other water-based Neuland markers, if you wish to add color to your visualizations for a further dramatic effect.
Last, but certainly not least, the new Cover markers can all be refilled like our other classic markers. The Neuland BigOne® Cover, for example, can easily be refilled 11 times with one bottle of RefillOne Cover ink.

Are we satisfied with our Cover-Markers? You bet we are!

And we’re confident you will love them too!

We’ll keep you posted – without spilling, of course. 🙂