Creative communication inspires and knows no limits
Brandy Agerbeck drawing the cover image for the Neuland catalog 2012
Creativity without borders is rare to find. Not with Brandy Agerbeck – she’s a natural born Creative. She’s a Graphic facilitator and works and lives in the USA. The jobs she’s hired for are more and more international. So Brandy was able, to combine one of her jobs with a visit here in our company office in Eichenzell, Germany. The idea was, to create the cover image for the neuland catalog 2012 – what she did realize on a huge sheet of paper on our graphicwall LW-X. And here’s the video proof:


More about Brandy „The Draw“ Agerbeck on her website:

8500413PS: Meanwhile her book „The graphic facilitators guide“ is translated into German and exclusively available in our webshop: