Workshops: The Lab

A three-day immersion into visual thinking through graphic facilitation

• Do you yearn to be a visual practitioner and seeking to start out strong in your practice?
• Does your professional role require tackling complexity and the strong critical thinking that is served by visual thinking?
• Are you a visual practitioner who feels you’ve plateaued and need an intensive to push you to new levels of work?
• Are you at a crossroads in your life and feel visual thinking is part of your future path?


If you have answered yes, join Brandy in The Lab to invest in yourself and propel your skills to tackle complexity, capture conversations, communicate more clearly and think critically through drawing.

The Lab is an immersive workshop where you join Brandy and five others to dive deep into your visual thinking practice for three full days. We alternate between hands-on practice and rich discussion and shared learning. Brandy creates a safe, yet challenging environment to experiment with your visual thinking and graphic facilitation skills. The Lab kicks off with a foundational exercise, but the rest of the agenda is emergent, responding to the needs of the group. Brandy excels at constructive criticism and this is the must-do experience for those who learn best by diving in and who crave direct feedback.

While our work is done large scale on walls, listening and drawings in real-time, The Lab isn’t exclusively for graphic recorders and graphic facilitators. About half of the lab partners do come from the GR/GF field. Half come from other disciplines and roles, seeking to strengthen their visual thinking, analytical and synthesis skills. The chemistry of our varied experience levels and different work contexts are what make our three days together so rich and rewarding.


Brandy is offering two opportunities to join her in The Lab:

July 25-27, 2018, Rungstegaard, Denmark or
August 13-15, Hamburg, Germany *


Details and registration here:

Only 6 spots in each Lab, so join now!