Your Marker is more than just some marker. It’s your customized Neuland Marker. For an easier and more visual design process, we’ve just launched a new configurator.

Step 1: Configurator

Surely, you already have a clear vision of your personalized markers. Or are you still torn between a couple of designs? Use our configurator to easily design the Your Markers according to your wishes and request a quote.

Text editing with our configurator
This is how you edit your text with our configurator.

You could, for instance, imprint a text, such as your slogan, hashtag or website. Select your favorite typeface and font color with the little icons on the right-hand side. You could also imprint an image. Simply click “Add Image” then drag and drop your logo or photo onto the image preview. It’s also possible to directly knock out the background while configurating if it’s single-colored. The size and alignment of your text and/or image can be adjusted in the preview.

Configurator: edit image
Your logo on your marker – you can even add an image.

Just make sure to keep your design within the print area because there will still be a basic print and Neuland logo on the marker. The size of the print area varies between the marker types but our configurator shows you the exact size. Should your design be too big, it will be cut off in the preview already and you’ll be able to rearrange it anyime. The button “To product view” leads you to the preview page, which shows the marker from different angles. Switch perspective by clicking the numbers below the preview picture to see how the basic print on your markers looks.

By the way: If you wanna know how Your Marker looks when it’s filled with your favorite ink, you can select the color in the drop-down list in the top left corner. Before completing your request you will be asked how many markers of each color you wish.

Your Marker preview
Like what you’ve created? Double-check your design by downloading the PDF.

Step 2: Proof copy and offer

If you wish to receive an optional proof copy via PDF, we’ll send it to you together with your offer. Everything alright? After you’ve approved the file, we’ll start imprinting Your Markers.

Without this step we’ll assume that you’ve double-checked your design. By clicking the icon in the top right corner you can open and download a PDF and take a look at your configurated marker. We recommend to make sure the logo or image has been uploaded in high quality and your text is easily readable. If you’re unsure about the print data requirements, you’ll find them on the data sheet of each product.

Graphic Designer at work

Step 3: Preparations and print

As soon as you’ve approved the quote and officially placed an order, our creative team receives the data for your customized marker. They will then thoroughly examine your file and prepare everything for the imprint. This also happens directly on site, here in our headquarters in Germany, to guarantee our Neuland quality. Our “print master” pretreats your markers, neatly places them in the machine, and makes sure everything functions correctly. This way, you can be sure your marker will look just like you’ve imagined it.

Neuland Markers are being prepared for printing
The markers are being prepared for printing and neatly placed on the tray.

Step 4: Dispach

Last but not least, your personalized Neuland Markers will be packed with love by our dispatch team and sent on their journey. Then you can finally welcome them in your home and enjoy working with them. 🙂

Imprinted Your Markers
Finished – ready to come home!

Still got questions? Our FAQs on imprinted markers covers them all! If not, you’re welcome to give us a call (+49 6659 / 88-99), or send an e-mail at [email protected].

This is what our customers say:

“”Wow, what a brilliant marker! This motivates me even more!” – “Thanks for this wonderful gift” – “This is amazing!”

THESE are the words of my customers when they receive a personalized Neuland Marker in their goodie bag. Thank you, dear Team Neuland. Your products are absolutely smashing! My team and I are so happy about the great feedback we always get on your markers.”

– Daniela Reuter

“Within our organization and among partners, everybody loved the customized markers we ordered, and they are an important part of our merchandise now.

Particularly at seminars and events they were used a lot and are very popular among participants.

We’re very happy with the Your Marker and glad that the whole process went through so smoothly.“

– Matej Divkovic