Wanna have your sketch or lettering on your favorite Neuland Markers? No problem! You sketch it, we print it. And here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Get ready for Your Marker!

First things first: Which marker do you want us to imprint? It’s crucial to make this decision beforehand, as the size of the print area varies depending on the marker type. Once you’ve chosen your favorite marker please download and print the respective document below.

As we’ve just tested this method for the first time at the Visual Thinking Global Summit, there are only a few marker types available for now. But we’ll continuously keep updating the list of documents, so stay tuned for more to come!

Simply click on the marker below to download the respective document:

Outliner drawing
Draw a sketch with an Outliner, e.g. the Neuland FineOne® Outliner with a round nib.

Step 2: Be creative, be bold!

After printing the document you need, you wanna take an Outliner to draw your image or write a text in the box at the bottom of the page. The box has the exact same aspect ratio as the print area on the Neuland Marker you’ve chosen in the first step. Now you’re welcome to go crazy and let your imagination run wild. Anything is possible!

Just make sure to use an Outliner, as this is important for the next step. Plus, your drawing will then be in deep black, which is the ideal color for imprints of all Neuland Markers that have a light housing (such as Neuland BigOne® Art and Neuland FineOne® Flex). If you prefer your imprint to be white, you’re welcome to change the color in our configurator later on. We recommend unicolored prints in black or white for a strong contrast.

Side note: Please keep in mind that the paper you draw on is bigger than the real marker. If you write a text, it should still be readable when being reduced in size.

Taking a picture of the drawing

Step 3: Vectorize your sketch

Love your sketch? Take a picture with your smartphone or tablet and crop it along the dotted lines of the box. Then download an app to turn your photo into a scalable vector graphic (SVG). If you have a scanner at home, you’re welcome to use that, too.

If you use Vectornator for iOS, you’ll only need a few clicks: After importing your cropped photo, click on it and a frame will appear on your screen. Then click the little icon to convert and choose SVG. There you go! Save your image to your phone or send it to your computer via e-mail or AirDrop.

Vectornator: create SVG from photo

Step 4: Drag and drop it to the last step

Once you’ve turned your image into an SVG, open the configurator for the marker type you’ve selected in the first step and drag and drop your image onto the print area. Now you can adjust the size and change the position as you wish. When you’re happy with the result, request an offer and you’ll receive an e-mail from us soon.

Any questions about the configurator? Find a detailed step-by-step guide here.

Your Marker configurator

Step 5: Printing

The most demanding step is the last one: Now you have to be patient for up to two weeks until you can hold Your Markers in your hands. But we promise: It will be worth it! We wish you lots of fun working with your very own personalized Neuland Markers! ♥

Lettering with imprinted Your Marker