„Clothes make people“ (literally translated) is a novella by the Swiss poet Gottfried Keller.

It’s one of the best-known stories in German-language literature and is about the tailor Wenzel Strapinski, who always dressed well despite his poverty. In a foreign city he’s considered a count because of his appearance … and at the end of the story Strapinski brings it to great prosperity.

As so often, there is a lot of truth in this story. Our appearance is a part of our body language and shows a field of ​​our non-verbal communication. And that includes clothes or accessories.

Many of you know that and of course act upon that in your job and during your projects. You’ll dress differently for a graphic recording at a bank than at a camp with youngsters.

These two ladies look super cool, right? They have something in common in these pictures. Look closely:

Renatta Algalarrondo and Heather Martinez wearing BagUp

Well, did you notice?

They both carry our new BagUp. See and be seen at any Graphic Recording gig or as a facilitator.

The BagUp is the noble leather shoulder bag or belt bag for professional trainers, graphic recorder or (visual) facilitator (but certainly also for those who just love it). With two different shoulder straps and the belt loop it fits any outfit and you sure have your favorite colors with you.

With this high-quality shoulder bag, you have your markers and other working materials always at hand. It’s made of fine leather and offers a surprisingly large amount of storage space, e.g. for business or key cards. It is also particularly suitable if you have to carry the accessories of the (wireless) microphone with you during a lecture. You can make this little black box disappear discreetly in your pocket without ruining your outfit or damaging the technical requirements.

So, keep that in mind for your Christmas presents – The BagUp makes the hearts of visualiser beat faster.