All workshops cancelled, there’s no job in sight until September … Suddenly I’ve got plenty of time to use my beautiful materials and my FlipChart in a new and different way.

So, I grabbed my BlackPad and a white AcrylicOne, put on some music and started drawing white lines that eventually turned into a plant, a fish … And after a while the paper was filled with patterns, objects and figures.

The images that I created invite to meditate, which is an ideal way to deal with our current situation. Have we lost our intuition, can’t we see the Earth’s beauty anymore?

If you’re up to it, take some time to put your thoughts and feelings on paper. It’s easy to draw ’cause it doesn’t have to be perfect, and your own piece of art will start developing.

Just start somewhere on your paper and don’t think about the journey before youre done.

Have fun discovering your true creativity!

You need:

  • BlackPad, item no.: 8106.1000
  • AcrylicOne MEDIUM, item no.: 7754.0501

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