An Artmarker brush tip is magic and you can use it in so many different ways

You don’t believe that?

Well, then have a look at this:

With the art marker through thick and thin

With the Artmarker you are very flexible. You can draw wonderful fine lines with a little pressure and the thin top of the tip. That’s great because you can use the Artmarker to draw small pictures on your flip chart, for example with the Outliner. You can also color these pictures later with one of the 44 brilliant colors.

You can also use the side of the brush, press it on and apply paint properly. That’s a lot of fun because in this case there’s plenty of color on the flipchart.

I especially like the possibilities that the Artmarker offers for a nice typeface. Brushlettering is the keyword here. This is awesome! The Artmarker is perfect for that.

By the way, you can order your art marker here.

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Neuland-Ambassador Heather Martinez is a real artist and has put together great tips for handlettering:

More about Heather.

What else should you know about the art marker?

You can replace the tip. Basically, the tip is very durable, but with favorite colors that you use constantly, this is necessary once in a while.

By the way, there are a total of 44 colors + outliner, but if you ask me to choose my favorite colors, they are here:

A question that has been bothering me for years:

Why does the art marker squeak when writing?
Is that because Mrs. Dirks puts so much pressure on her little sausage fingers?

Answer from the Neuland experts:

The tip of the Artmarker is a nylon lace. Depending on the smoothness of the surface, the pressure and the release of paint it tends to squeak here and there.

Now you know!
What is your favorite color?