Neuland® actually started its business in metal processing 50 years ago but, business has changed quite a bit since the days of garage doors and fences. Although, now we‘re supposed to test our latest products on cars? „They could use some color“, said the owner and indeed,
the green BMW and the red Audi convertible which we’re talking about have both seen better days. The paint has visibly suffered on both cars, they are completely scratched up and here and there you see bare metal – especially with in the BMW. But see for yourself:

Hier fehlt Grün. Am besten Metallicgrün. Auch der Aussenspiegel hat Macken.

The owner reacts cool: „That’s what cars look like if they can’t make the loop.“ With these words he pulls the two 2 inch speedsters out of his kindergarden backpack and puts them on the table. „I think they should metallic green. I like green, and especially metallic. „For the age of five he is amazingly clear.

These super small sized cars are perfect for testing our newly developed metallic markers: They work great on flipcharts, and they highlight texts while giving each headline it´s very own glow. They look fantastic on black paper. But, what’s a better place for metallic colors than on a car? Said and done. So, let’s start with the green BMW. Green on green: shouldn’t be a problem, and for such small spaces we of course use the Outliner. Cap off and roll.

Das sieht doch gleich glänzend aus. Der Besitzer sieht zufrieden aus.

That looks brilliant! The rearview mirror looks like new and even the front tire got a bit of a metal shimmer.

The real challenge is the red Audi: How well will the marker cover the color (works fine on black, we already know that, but red?). With trembling hands the employee nervously pulls the cap of the marker and gets to work …

Ein rotes Cabrio grün machen? Geht das? Für den Anfang schon sehr schick.
The pre-post comparison shows that our metallic markers covers even smooth surfaces as well. It needs a few more touch-ups here and there, and just as we want to get back to work the owner of the car shows up: „That’s just great. And now I want to play car wash.“

Our test ends abruptly. The cars are dragged over to the sink and the BMW is first to be held under water. Our customer is happy about the green streaks that flow into the sink. After a short time, the old BMW looks like – well, old.

After all our new metallic markers aren’t waterproof but, as I said before, beautiful on black paper, and the best part… our new metallics don’t only come in green.

Here you’ll find our new Metallics.