Create Virtual Reality in a breath with white Neuland Estatics, scissors, a Neuland No.One® Estatic and two Art markers in different colors. How? We’ll show you …

First comes the idea

Do you already know who or what you want to bring to life? Excellent. Then take the red special marker for Estatics and draw the outlines on a white electrostatic note.

While you are doing this, make sure to use the whole space. Then, you need two Art markers in different colors. You can decide which colors you use but it’s always good if one of them is grey ’cause this one’s perfect for shadows. As the waterbased ink won’t dry as fast as on regular paper, you’ll have to wait a bit until you continue with the next step.

Now, you need the scissors. Try to cut around the outlines as precicely as possible.

Almost done. Now you can park your drawing on nearly any smooth surface. It’s a lot of fun, especially on windows.

If you can see a path when looking out of the window, for instance, you can add some legs with a second Estatic (if you drew a person like we did). Then you can let them look like the person’s standing on the path. And there you have your own analog piece of virtual reality.

You need:

  • Estatics, white, item no.: 7951.0001
  • Neuland No.One® Estatics, item no.: 8165.0100
  • Neuland No.One® Art, item no.: 8059.0100
  • Paper Scissors, item no.: 8080.0100

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