This little article shows you how you can relax by working with your markers and at the same time creating little greeting cards to let others know you are thinking of them. All you need is a blank postcard, a Neuland SketchOne and an Art marker in light grey.

Determine the cornerstones of your meditation artwork

Tip: If this is your first time doing this, make the area a little smaller. You will find out why in the next step.

Connect the lines and draw any contour inside this frame

Draw the lines from dot to dot. The contour that you draw is entirely up to you. In this example it is the “N” from the Neuland logo. Of course, you can also take a heart or any other contour.

Divide the free areas and fill them with different patterns

There are no limits to your creativity. Circles, lines, triangles, squares, hatching, … Any shape the visual alphabet gives can be used here.

Trace the contours you want to highlight

Ideally, these are the ones that you initially drew in your empty frame.

Create shaded areas with the Art marker.

This way, your contours stand out even better from the patterned surface. Feel free to work with grey as well.

On the back: Add the address to your card, write something sweet, put a stamp on it and send it off. Let’s go!

You need:

  • Postcard Set, item no.: 8027.0000
  • Neuland SketchOne, item no.: 8035.0100 / 8035.1100 / 8035.2100 / 8035.3100
  • Neuland No.One® Art, item no.: 8059.0100

You would like to order from Austria or Switzerland? No problem! Simply enter the item numbers in the search box of the respective shop and get started.


Neuland Ambassador® Jo Hobson got inspired by this post, too. She’s sending greetings from South Africa.