How did you become a Visual Facilitator? Many might think of this journey in a very romantic kind of way: You’re a creative person that one day stumbles over another person looking for someone exactly like you. And while you’re still trying to figure out what this job is all about, you’re already living the dream of earning money for doing the things you’re passionate about. This sounds so amazing, we should all do it, right?!

Your teachers: Jimi Holstebro, Frank Høedt and Mia Søiberg

How it all started

All right, you’ve caught us exaggerating a bit. But let’s get serious! The job of a Visual Facilitator is very important and fun at the same time … But it does come with some challenges. And while visual practitioners are pretty good at building a strong network, one of the biggest problems might actually be the fact that this job is not an “approved profession”. And this holds true for many professions in the fields of Arts and Social Sciences.

But there is hope! Jimi Holstebro and Frank Høedt have just taken the first step forward in overcoming this issue. Together with Mia Søiberg from Go’Process, they’re the first to teach Visual Facilitation at a university college in Denmark and in August 2021 they will hold their first class. Just imagine you could one day say “I studied Visual Facilitation”, or “I got my postgrad in Visual Facilitation” … How exciting is that?

About the course

The modul consists of two main parts: preparing processes and improvising live processes. There will be 10 days of lectures in total, plus a presentation day and a final exam. After completing the course, you get awarded 10 credit points (ECTS). While Jimi and Frank take care of the drawing part, Mia takes care of the facilitation part. But there’s more: They’ve invited PhDs and other visual thinkers to teach parts of the course, too!

As the trio will hold this course at UCL Denmark, it will be in Danish. But since there have been so many requests already, who knows … The next one could be in English. 😉

All we can say is that we’re very excited for Jimi, Frank and Mia and we can’t wait to hear more about their meaningful journey. And if you wanna know more about your future university degree in Visual Facilitation, you’re welcome to visit their website or drop a message on Facebook or Instagram.