There are countless storage solutions for markers: small and handy, with large capacity, for your desk or when you’re on the road. With our VarioOne® you’re ready for any situation.

VarioOne® – What’s that actually?

VarioOne® is a marker case which holds up to 52 Neuland Markers. Why up to 52? Because you can flexibly equip this stylish case and readjust it whenever you need to.

VarioOne® with accessories
An overview of the different VarioOne® components

With a VarioOne® you could, for instance, sit down at a lovely spot to doodle. You’ll have a wide range of markers and your sketchbook fits in the case as well. But not every day is allows for a relaxing break like this. Sometimes it can be quite hectic. Maybe you’re late for a gig and still need to pack some equipment. Thankfully, you’ve always got some Marker Panels stored in a BasicBox. Just take what you need, attach it to your VarioOne® and let’s go. You’ve reached your destination and decide to just use one Marker Panel. Simply take your ShoulderStrap Panel out of the zip pocket and hang it on your shoulder.

You see: These panels can act as marker storage but you can also easily transport them using the the VarioOne®. The ShoulderStrap Panel allows you to have the most important markers at your body and always ready to hand.

VarioOne® ShoulderStrap Panel with whiteboard markers
The most important markers ready to hand – with the ShoulderStrap Panel

Which panels are there?

We currently offer four different panels for our VarioOne®. One holds 13 Neuland FineOne®, one holds 11 Neuland No.One® or TwinOne, there’s a panel for 7 Neuland BigOne® and one for additional workshop material and accessories. Do you love to have a whole rainbow of TwinOnes with you? Or do you prefer to pack different sizes and be prepared for any situation that comes your way? You know best what you need, so you can choose whatever floats your boat.

Nice to know: The VarioOne® already comes with four panels and a ShoulderStrap Panel. You’re welcome to get these components separately as well, though.

Marker Panels stored in a WorkshopCase
Neatly stored and always ready to be packed into the case.