Posted on: 17. January 2018

Since we’ve known each other for so long we might as well get a bit more familiar and say “Du” to each other. And since we’re celebrating our 50th birthday this year, it‘s a perfect time – right?

Here’s a little excursion into German language: German has both a formal and a familiar form of “You”. The formal “Sie” is used to address strangers or business associates, whereas for family and close friends the familiar “Du” is used.

Everything began in the garage of the private residence – it sounds a bit like a Hollywood story: The technician Erich Neuland welded fences and banisters in the late 60s, and his brother Rudi, a trader, passed those on to the consumers. For more than ten years both brothers worked in the construction trade, until one day a companioned trainer asked them to build a foldable, lightweight pinboard. The Neulanders were up for the challenge and laid the cornerstone for today’s field of activity. Soon FlipCharts, WorkshopCases and the development of the first markers with it’s tried and tested refill system followed … the rest is pretty much history. 140 employees continue to write this success story with „instigator“ Guido Neuland (Erich’s son), his sister Sabine and his wife Verena – after all Neuland is a real family business.

Nowadays trainers, consultants, facilitators and coaches around the world use our products und thus make us one of the market leaders in the industry. We’ve become a big, sworn community by now. We know each other, we work for and with each other, we exchange ideas, benefit from each others experiences, look forward to seeing each other, we really like each other …

After fifty years we think it’s time! We want to get even closer, celebrate our good relationship, and therefore become a bit more familiar –this aspect of language applies to our German friends: we’d like to offer you to say “Du” to each other.

We want to thank you for our good relationship and are looking forward to the next fifty years with you, and du, and you, and du …