Did you know that two handed drawings are really helpful for everybody in the visual family? No? Then you should watch the talk with our Ambassador from Denmark, Jimi Holstebro.

The other day we showed you the videos of Jimi Holstebro here in the blog. Now he was in an interview with our social media correspondent Sandra Dirks.

Who is Jimi Holstebro?

On his website Jimi says about himself:

“My special feature are simple illustrations that allow the precise dissemination, which creates an overview and is thus useful for companies and organizations.”

He offers Graphic Facilitation, Graphic Papers, Illustrated Visions, Explainer Videos … anything that can be drawn. He is having an art background.

Material: Jimis choice

Jimi’s choice kit

Sketch @work Flipchart

Jimi’s Top 3 Tips for beginners in the field of graphic recording

  1. Get confident in drawing by practicing. DRAW A LOT!
  2. Find inspiration. Try to evolve your own style, get inspired by other people.
  3. Listening is the key. Listening is the important thing. For this reason it’s necessary to be confident in drawing.

In short: Practice, practice, practice and then jump into your first gig, if you have the chance to do so.

Santa for Sandra 🙂

We say thank you for this inspiring interview.