What are the current movers of the event industry – what are the trends and what do they mean to the sector?
These were the topical issues at the Deutsche Kongressfachverband degefest [German congress trade association degefest] at this year’s trade days in Osnabrück, 14 to 16 June 2018. The focus was on the following topics in particular:

• Consequences of digitization
• Feminization
• Knowledge management
• Knowledge transfer
• Training and further education
• Social media

To specifically address these exciting issues, the trade days in the Osnabrück hall offered a successful mix of a variety of formats such as Keynote, Workshop, Pecha Kucha or Fishbowl. Simply listening to boring presentations whilst half asleep was yesterday!

Of course we at Neuland® – a longtime degefest partner – just had to be there with our diversity of equipment in the field of visualizing and moderating!
The numerous events were also supplemented by a trade exhibition, inviting the participants to inform themselves about new supplier products at our and other stands.

Ann-Janine Hoffmann and Wolfgang Hain met “old friends” and happily also succeeded in enthusing many newcomers for the innovative Neuland® furniture and practical visualization tools:

The Neuland TiBa – a smart “table bench” – either to sit on or to convert to a standing or side table by simply tilting. A smart and clever piece of furniture with multi-functionality inviting to customized use in various areas of communication!

The Neuland Werkwand® – the new and innovative aid for working, presentations and visualization, offering more effective transfer of knowledge. The Working Partitions may be set up in any form and shape – thus well suited for structuring of surfaces. Different learning areas are constantly created in this way – offering more varied and motivating and less tiring aids to working.

By the way, a thank you to our colleague Vladimir Rosenfeld who used chalk to conjure up the amazing visualization on the Neuland Working Partitions.
Hille Czygan also accompanied the workshops – with impressively beautiful and fast visualizations. She lovingly and to the point crafted the essence of the topics onto the Neuland GraphicWall V3.

The event was an all-round success – offering participants lots of input and a good platform for exchange and networking.

Success we are looking forward to once again on the occasion of the next trade days!

Greetings from Eichenzell,

Photos: Wolfgang Hain/ Alex Talash