Nice gear bag, but why is everything wrapped in plastic bags? Neuland Ambassador® Heather Martinez explains how she stores her tools when travelling. And some hacks might even be new to experienced facilitators…

In this short video, Heather shows us what she keeps in her Novario® WorkshopTrolley and how she takes care of her tools. We’ve summerized the most important tips below.

Keep your Neuland No.One® and Neuland BigOne® Markers in separate boxes: the Novario® No.One-Box and the Novario® BigOne-Box. For PanPastels®, Pin-It Cards or other small items, there are open Novario® Boxes and closed Accessory Boxes. This will make your gear bag look neat and organized.

Additionally, you can place your markers in a PocketOne. Heather uses these little bags for Whiteboard markers and FineOnes but you can as well use them for markers that need to be stored horizontally, such as the new TwinOne or the No.One Metallic. Empty markers can be put in the Fill me up with LOVE bag. In this way, you won’t forget to refill them when you’re back at home.

If you live in a dry area or have to travel by plane, you can put your markers in zip bags and place them in your Novario® Boxes. This will prevent the markers from drying out and you won’t need to take extra ink with you for every color you’ve got.

… when travelling by plane you should also make sure to prepare the refill inks accordingly. Heather recommends to put the original lid on the ink bottle and carry it in its original box. There will still be enough space for the bulb with injection needle and it won’t get damaged. But keep in mind you need to get through security at the airport and are only allowed a certain amount of liquids.

Despite markers and ink Heather uses drawing templates as well. Since the Orbits and Hexits are quite flat, they easily fit in the inside pocket of the WorkshopTrolley, right next to important documents.

Once you’ve stored everything you need in your bag, you can add all kinds of other items. It turns out Heather’s gear bag is filled with so many things, you can’t even mention them all. Her bag contains power cords, a lint brush, wet wipes, a first aid kid and cough drops – just to name a few. But this is why she never has to pack her travel bag because it is always prepared!

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