WWhich structures and templates are best for Travel Sketchnotes? Which one suits you and your experiences best? I’ll answer that here in the second part of the Travel Sketchnote series.

Templates for your travel sketchnotes:
How to find the right structures for your journal.

There are many ways you can structure your travel sketchnotes. Whether from left to right, from top to bottom, in the shape of landmarks like the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the statue of Christ in Rio. There are no limits to your imagination. Depending on your preference, you can either scribble your thoughts spontaneously as they come into your BulletProof journal or mySketchbook, or draw and format them accurately and in detail. For this post, I’ve decided on 5 different approaches and have arranged them from beginners to advanced. I am sure there is something for anyone. 

Mindmap – for the free spirited

You are a free spirit and always draw what comes to your mind? You tend to forget some details that you like to add afterwards? Then the mindmap structure is just right for you. Here it is only important to draw a big, nice illustrated title and to delimit the single thoughts and memories in clouds, rectangles or other shapes. Example: You are on a sailing trip.  How about drawing a boat next to the title and outlining the individual adventures and experiences with sea animal silhouettes and coloring with Neuland FineOne® as well as FineOne Art Set.FineOne Art Set kolorierst.

Highlights  – the best at a glance

As the title suggests, only your favorite memories come to life here. This is wonderful if you don’t want to take that much time or you want to make your travel sketchnotes about a past vacation. This structure calls for playing Tetris. Depending on the shape and size, you can arrange the sketchnotes to your liking. For the highlights structure, I recommend using the FineOne Outliner and the colorful FineOne Art markers to highlight your favorite memories even more.

Low-Budget –for the budget conscious

You have a limited budget and as a bargain hunter are always looking for the best deal? Then this low-budget structure is just right for you. Here you can use FineOne Sketch markers to record your deals either increasing or decreasing in price. My favorite thing to do is draw labels on each sketch to create creative and unique representations.

Photo album – your time capsule

Taking photos is your passion, but in the end you never make a photo album after your vacation? That’s how I feel too. That’s why I recommend creating your own personal Polaroid book while you’re still traveling. Sketch your adventures directly in your mySketchbook or BulletProof journal with the Travel Sketchnote Kit and add a photo frame to make it look more authentic. For this, I like to take my phone or camera and paint off my favorite snapshots. Of course, you can also paint your memories off the top of your head. 

Map – overview during the adventure

Do maps awaken the wanderlust and nostalgia in you? Then be sure to make your own map that reflects your journey. The high-quality FineOne Sketch markers from Neuland allow you to draw precise lines and beautiful illustrations that bring your travel experiences to life on the map. It doesn’t have to be to scale or realistic. Note your favorite restaurant, lodging, and excursions on the map and jot down your thoughts about them. 


As you can see, each travel sketchnote structure is ultimately as individual as your trip. With Neuland’s markers and mySketchbooks or BulletProof journal, you can create all of these structures and templates beautifully and individually. I invite you to combine the different types and create new ones. Let your creativity run wild and create unique travel sketchnotes. 

P.S. Feel free to share your sketchnotes with us on Instagram or link us in your story. We’ll be happy to repost them and are already very excited to see your travel sketchnotes.

Franzi & the Neuland-Team