Welcome to the inspiring world of Travel Sketchnotes. I’m Franzi, a travel enthusiast, creative director and sustainability enthusiast. Currently I’m on the road once again and taking a trip around the world. A sustainable world trip, to be exact.

Around the world with Neuland and Franzi

When I’m not feasting on Thai street food or watching dolphins in India with local fishers, I’m recording my adventures in my  Neuland Sketchbook

In this Travel Sketchnote series, I’ll share with you, how you too can turn your vacation experiences into unique drawings using high quality Neuland markers.
As the name suggests, sketchnotes are small sketches with notes and can capture experiences simply and impressively. So perfect for your artistic travel diary and for the postcards towards home or for friends near and far.

Neuland and I decided on this cooperation because Neuland’s sustainable attitude is reflected in my environmentally conscious travel style as well as my travel sketchnotes. While I focus on slow travel, CO2 reduction and environmentally conscious activities and creatively put my experiences on paper, Neuland pays attention to an ecological corporate philosophy. This is also reflected in their design as every marker is environmentally friendly refillable since 2020. For this, Neuland was awarded the Green Good Design Award. You can find more information here.

I hope I can infect you with my enthusiasm for the combination of sustainable travel and sketchnotes. Thanks to Slow Traveling, you don’t rush back and forth between tourist highlights. Instead, you’re taking more time for everything. That leaves room for creative adventures like sketchnotes to experience our world in all its colors and shapes. To that end, Neuland and I have put together a small and a large sustainable Travel Sketchnote Kit that you can get started with right away. These kits will be available to the Neuland store in summer 2023 and can be ordered then. 

Curious to get started?  Check out the first blog article in the Travel Sketchnote series here.

Already on vacation? Then click here to directly create your matching travel icon library. Let’s go on a vibrant journey together and bring your memories to life on paper with sustainable Neuland markers.

Franzi & the Neuland Team