Welcome to the first part of the Travel Sketchnote series. Today we’re talking about creating your own icon library and which travel icons you should know about for your Neuland sketchbook

Your travel icon library:
Everything you need in icons for your creative travel adventure.

Willkommen zum ersten Teil der Travel Sketchnote-Serie.

Today we’re talking about creating your own icon library and which travel icons you should know for  your Neuland sketchbook. Herewith I will give you the most important “vocabulary” and a way to create your own icon library. 

What is an icon library?

Similar to learning a new language, you need the right vocabulary to express what you want. That’s where the icon library comes in. 
It serves as your symbol library, containing all the relevant icons. This library is divided into categories. On vacation, you’ll need the category about travel sketchnotes.

My top 14 travel icons:

This brings us straight to the most important travel icons you should have in your icon library. My list of basic travel icons: Globe, plane, train, car, bike, suitcase, passport, camera, hotel, beach, mountains, city view, restaurant, café and more. You can also create special icons for your personal memories or experiences, for example, for a unique place or a specific specialty.

The 5 basic shapes of icons :

Each icon is composed of the following basic shapes: a rectangle, a circle, a triangle, a line and/or a dot. With the help of these elements, you can quickly represent all icons with FineOne Sketch in a simplified way. For example, a suitcase is nothing more than a rectangle with two circles as wheels and three lines as handles.

Feel free to colorize them with the colorful FineOne Art markers. If you just want to add some depth, I recommend the Neuland No.One® Art marker. It is perfect for shadows.

You can read more about this in the books of Mike Rohde, Neuland’s brand ambassador.

After this short theory session, it’s time for the practical part.

Step 1: Grab your favorite Neuland sketchbook and markers.
Grab a blank BulletProof journal or your mySketchbook for this one. If you want to have your travel icon library handy at all times, you can also open your current journal from the back. This way, the drawing library is separated from your sketches and you are sustainable with your resources.en um.

Your own icon library:

Step 2: Divide your icons into categories
Before you draw your icons with the Neuland FineOne® Sketch, dedicate a double page spread to each category, such as activities, transportation, food and drink, and so on. This will give you enough space to expand your collection in the future.

Step 3: Transfer the travel icons to your library
Now choose the travel icons you really need. You can find an example of my top 14 in the sketchnote above. Transfer the icons you think are most useful with the black and smudge-proof FineOne Sketch from Neuland. If you like, you can colorize them directly afterwards with one of the colorful

markers. After that, it’s practice, practice and practice.

For more complex symbols, you can also use a three-step tutorial to help you memorize them. I have used one symbol as an example for you.

Step 4: Let your creativity run wild
The next level is to create your own vocabulary and add it to your icon library. Each of us has their personal style, so use this chance to add your individual touch to your sketches. For inspiration, I like to look at examples on Pinterest or Google Images. If you can’t think of anything at all, you can look at icons on Noun Project.

Franzis Tipp:

Once you’ve created your first icon library, feel free to improve your sketchnote lettering skills – i.e., making pretty with different fonts – with Mike Rohde. Here you can find the tutorial.

Neuland, ready, go.

With these travel icons you can capture all your travel experiences in a visual way. Starting in summer 2023, you’ll find two specially designed Travel Sketchnote Kits in the Neuland store. Your travel related sketches will not only be more meaningful, but also more entertaining. Have fun creating your own icon library and drawing your travel sketchnotes!

P.S. Feel free to share your sketchnotes with us on Instagram or link us in your Story. We’ll be happy to repost them and are already very excited to see your travel sketchnotes.

Franzi & the Neuland-Team