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Our acrylic markers are still quite new to our range and a bit different from our other markers. Renatta P. Algalarrondo is an Artist and Visual Recorder from Brazil and is specialized in working with AcrylicOnes. Here she gives us tips that make the acrylic marker to your favorite marker.

You can’t believe it? Well, then have a look:

Here you can find all our AcrylicOnes.

Detailed views from the interview

Renatta uses our acrylic markers for graphic facilitation and recording as well as for her artwork.

Drawn with the AcrylicOnes

The graphic recording material table by Renatta


“Starting” a new AcrylicOne

Take a test sheet and press the tip of the marker down a few times “pump” until the paint reaches the top. Don’t squeeze the tip too much! Watch the video, how Renatta does that.

Examples from everyday life

Doodles with a black marker on the white desk and greetings with the white marker on the mirror. In both cases you can remove the paint with rubbing alcohol.

It’s important to test it on a small piece of surface before you go big!

Different surfaces on which you can use the AcrylicOne.

Mixed techniques AcrylicOne and Artmarker

White on black is really easy with the AcrylicOne.

Here you can find more about Renatta

Her Website: http://www.fall4art.com/

Renatta on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/renattafall4art/

Do you fancy a workshop with Renatta? Then take a look here: https://euviz.com/gr101/








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