You might ask yourself what this hodgepodge of craft stuff is all about when you open the Userkit for the first time. Things you’d normally find in a child’s room are being used in the workshops and promise to have surprising effects, which are authentic and lasting. Visualization and abstraction provide a necessary distance to the real problem.

Our hands possess an immediate access to the subconscious and release playfully creativity when dealing with these materials, promote free thinking and make it possible to go outside the envelope.

The method Thinking with Hands® was created on exactly this basis. The use of creative materials releases the innovative potential of people, makes creative energies concrete and helps with the development of creative and new solutions.

Trust in your hands. Get a new view on things. Boost your creative potential. Experience flow.

Become a certified Thinking with Hands® Trainer.
The workshop is being held in German (English courses on demand).
Duration: 8 hours (9.00 – 17.30)
Max. 12 people
Every participant gets a Thinking with Hands® Trainer Tool Kit as well as a certificate.

Enroll here.

The workshop takes place in the premises of Neuland GmbH & Co. KG, Am Kreuzacker 7, 36124 Eichenzell, Germany.

You want to know about the method?

After the attendance of the seminar …
… you’ll know the method Thinking with Hands®
… you’ll be able to plan and perform a Thinking with Hands® workshop
… you’ll be familiar with the UserKit and TrainerKit for Thinking with Hands® workshops

Thinking with Hands® background and theoretical basis
– The process of Thinking with Hands® and the methodical setup of workshops
– Facilitation dos und don’ts of Thinking with Hands® workshops
– Workshop layouts for exemplary adaption
– Preparation and goal-driven performance of Thinking with Hands® workshops

Ideally you are skilled as a trainer and/or facilitator to benefit the most of the seminar.

In alternating sequences the iteration of exemplary workshops take place with the help of UserKits / TrainerKits. Further you’ll receive explanatory notes on backgrounds, success criterions und hints on typical tripping hazards.

Become a certified Thinking with Hands® Trainer. Enroll here.