The TeamBank AG in Nuremberg has a new helper: the creative method Thinking with Hands®. All their employees have user kits available.

The impetus came from Tamara Kess, who joined the TeamBank for agile transformation.

“In the search for new methods of cooperation for our colleagues, I became aware of Thinking with Hands®

” describes Mrs. Kess the first acquaintance. “Impulsive events by Markus Dossler, Thinking with Hands® trainer, enabled us to integrate Thinking with Hands® quickly and easily as a new colleague into our bank.” Initial experience has shown that first time users are quickly becoming repeat offenders.

For example, the creative materials from Thinking with Hands® were recently used for the first time in the feedback session of the introductory seminar for new employees. The quality of the feedback was so convincing that Thinking with Hands® became an integral part of the introductory seminar.

Further applications are currently added daily. Whether as a check-in in a workshop or currently in planning for the introduction of a marketing campaign with B2B partners.

Pictures from one of the workshops

Neuland Workshop Thinking with hands®

By the way: Do you already know the Thinking with Hands® method?

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