When we had the idea for the GraphicWall V3 XL, we were quite ambitious. We wanted it to offer plenty of space for graphic recordings, we wanted it stable and sturdy – on the other hand, it had to take up as little space as possible during transport and be easily portable.

To achieve this, we fiddled around a lot, we built prototypes, tested and optimized – again and again, and in the end we were quite satisfied.

And yet we were impressed by the photos that Raven Tahara from Sacramento sent us some time ago. In fact, she was so impressed with the flexibility and capabilities of GraphicWall V3 that she was wanted to share her impression with us and her creative work colleagues.

Raven has been a successful facilitator (Certified ToP Facilitator) and GraphicRecorder since 2008. Currently, she is earning an MA in Leadership, Organizational Innovation and Change to provide more comprehensive consulting services to her clients.

Raven Tahara in action with the V3 XL. Question: Does XL fit in a MINI?

Whether she’s working for government agencies or universities, nonprofits or corporations: She regularly uses her GraphicWall V3 XL, because the walls at many venues are just too small, too uneven, sometimes full of pictures and curtains, etc. Hard to believe she drives a Mini – as the name suggests, a pretty small car …

Will it fit? You bet!

Anyway, Raven rolls everything to the car with the cart pictured.

She packs up the GraphicWall, …

… puts the accessory bag with the frame parts on top, …

… and finally the bag with the two roll-off devices.

Then she even disassembles the cart and stows it as well – and there’s still plenty of room for plenty of markers. And of course for all the normal luggage that always has to be there.

We were amazed. And we’re a little proud: Maybe it’s not because of Mary Poppins’ legendary bag that even a floor lamp fits inside. Maybe it’s because of the lamp, which can make itself super small when needed. Just like our GraphicWall V3 XL