The Outliner Team

Posted on: 10. September 2013

The Outliners clearly differentiate themselves from regular markers by maintaining ink integrity.  For this reason they are a must-have item in every trainer’s kit if you want to keep your work intact and looking sharp!

Water-based…and Permanent!

The secret of the Outliners’ success is the water-based permanent ink.  In comparison to alcohol-based ink this formulation works perfectly on paper as it will not bleed thru.  For obvious quality reasons this is hugely important to protect subsequent sheets from ink damage.   The other major feature of the Outliners is that the specially formulated ink won’t smudge or smear when other water-based marker colors are used near or over the black Outliner ink.  Just give it a few quick seconds to dry, and then your safe to color over or around it like the following example:


Clear difference: Standard ink (bottom image) smears when colored over.  The Outliner ink however stays sharp and intact without any bleeding into the other color.

Visual Practitioners’ favorite marker

Around the globe, the Neuland Outliners in their distinct orange marker casing has become the favorite amongst visual practitioners.  With their large visual images filled with loads of color, their outlines and titles stay permanently on point without a hint of blurriness anywhere.  All professionals always want to put their best work forward, so the Outliner in all its various nibs has become an integral part of their visual tool kit.


When color meets outlines; it’s a smart idea to use the Outliner markers.  You can be rest assured each and every Outliner stroke will stay sharp.

As requested, we’ve added to the family

Since we first launched the Outliner No.One we have received overwhelming feedback to create the Outliners in different sizes and with different nibs.   So, in response we have done exactly that and completed the Outliner marker family!  They are now available in the BigOne, fineOne, & ArtMarker formats to give you all the outlining options you could want.  Order online now at