When we held the first copies of our new BulletProof notebook in our hands, we were thrilled.

Upon opening them, we were a little concerned as something had gone wrong: In almost all of the books, there were little specks or dots on individual inside pages that didn’t belong there. Although these spots were really small, they were there nonetheless.

Very rarely, we found several on a single page. Of course, we informed our supplier and he was just as shocked as we were, as something like this had never happened to him before.

We then thought about how we should react. Get angry, complain?

Send back a few thousand books, have them pulped, shredded and thrown in the rubbish? Subsequently having to wait for weeks until new BulletProofs are reprinted? 

That would have been anything but sustainable for our supplier and for us, and on top of that it would have been annoying and expensive. We then thought: sometimes “not perfect” is more interesting.

That’s why we do it this way:

The new edition of our BulletProof notebook comes with beauty spots.

It’s high quality as usual, with a soft cover made of recycled leather, with a beautiful illustration on the cover with rounded corners and with 256 thread-stitched pages made of premium Swedish paper, printed with a subtle dot grid and page numbers. 

As already mentioned, with beauty spots: Instead of cumbersomely producing new ones, we bought the flawed edition and will pass on the discount for the reclamation to you.

So you pay significantly less and get a valuable unique piece every time. This way, we not only save you money but – by the way – also the environment.

And if you do find any beauty spots in your BulletProof SpotOn Edition – just make the best of it, for example with a funny drawing around it, perhaps according to the motto “Connecting the dots” …

Together, we’re making a sustainable point.

Well, do you fancy our new sustainable BulletProof SpotOn? You can conveniently order your copy online here.