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Ahoy! Graphic Recorder meeting in Hamburg

Neuland isn’t far away when Germany‘s Graphic Recorders enter the Hamburg harbor!
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Is it that time of year again already…?

When suddenly you receive a mailshot which in turn contains a small, beautifully printed bag – this doesn’t mean Christmas is here again. No, it is in fact the second mailshot in our HANDS ON series, which we launched this year.
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Neuland AcrylicOne: Refills made easy

If you need opaque colours for lettering or visualizing, the AcrylicOne from the large Neuland range of markers is the right choice. Naturally, these are also refillable, and hence also the right choice economically as well as ecologically.
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New regulations have put our alcohol-based ink on the shelf.

These news are upsetting: our Refill Inks for the Whiteboard and SlickyOne markers are leaving our product range. The reason for this is the EU regulation 1272/2008.
According to this regulation alcohol-based ink is classified as „dangerous goods“. That means it must be packed, stored and transported with special effort.

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