And yet again, December is almost here and just as every year we intend to have everything ready before everyone else would storm into the shops. Wait a second … We’ve got some ideas for you!

First, you need a present, obviously. And since sustainability is very important to us of course we recommend our own products that you can find in our store! 😉

But we’re not done yet. ‘Cause the festival of fun’s just about to start! Here, we show you how to wrap your presents and how to give them a personal touch. And we promise: It will look good.

Gift bag of black FlipChart paper

Of course, the following step-by-step instruction also works with white paper but we found the black one more elegant.

1. Cut off edge with holes (gives paper length of about 96 cm).

2. Fold paper lengthwise in the middle to ensure the bag is sturdy enough.

3. Take the short side and fold an edge of 6 cm to glue the bag together later on. Then separate the full length of the FlipChart paper into 2 x 30 cm for the length of the bag and 2 x 15 cm for the width.

4. Fold paper inwards where you’ve made your marks (DON’T glue it yet).

5. For the bottom of the bag, mark 10 cm, fold it upwards and cut into the folds.

6. Fold bag and glue it together.

7. Bottom: First, fold the small sides inwards, then the long sides and glue everything together. For a more sturdy and even bottom you can fold a paper in A4 format and glue it to the bottom. Now let it dry.

8. Gently bent the top of the two short sides in the middle to close the bag.

9. Use a hole puncher to then attach a string to close the bag.

10. To put the finishing touches on your gift, you can reuse our packing material you probably know from the Neuland parcels. Simply cut off 40 cm, press it together in the middle of the paper and secure it with a cord. And there you have a neat ribbon.

Add some patterns

You find the blank paper lame? How about you design your own patterns for your wrapping paper?

Practice, practice, practice! That’s what you keep hearing when you want to improve your skills on FlipCharts and Pinboards. First, you practice on a small piece of paper, then you try it with the right materials and next thing you know you’re getting better and better. But what happens to the FlipChart paper you practiced on? We know it! You can use it to wrap your presents. It would be sad to just throw it away, wouldn’t it?

If you now claim that your practice sheets aren’t good enough, try the following tip:

After practicing on your FlipChart, leave the paper somewhere out of sight. After two days, look at it again and you will find real treasures … in your style. And you shouldn’t underestimate this. Of course, some images might not be perfect but you can either hide them by folding the paper in a way people won’t notice, or you just keep them the way they are. ‘Cause that’s what hand-drawn patterns look like!

In this example, we practiced drawing some snowflakes. Then, we wrapped a 4-2-Sketch and refill inks using the paper. How about you? Are you ready to try it, too?

Sewing instead of gluing?

The paper’s also perfectly suitable for sewing. You can’t stitch exciting patterns but sew together bags or small packages in no time. And you don’t even need to neaten or darn in the thread. Just cut it off, put some decorations on top, bling bling of your choice, add a ribbon and voilà. Sounds like a plan, right?

For the markers’ clutch bag with a chain of lights we cut our black TopChart paper in half. Fold one half in the middle and put the other half aside for another gift.

We sewed the seam on the right and left side, and then filled the bag with markers. Put about 30 cm of packing material around 2 cm inside the bag and secure it with some additional stitches. After that, we hid the chain of lights inside the bag.

Fold down the packing material and wrap the chain of lights around the clutch bag. Done! You can also add some glitter if you like to, or a gift tag. How about a nicely decorated Tag-It?

Have we promised too much? After wrapping so many presents, we are looking forward to your tips and tricks. How do you decorate your gifts? You’re welcome to tag us on Facebook or Instagram if you have any nice ideas to reuse packing material. 🙂