Let’s take a post card, gift tag, sketchbook, or something else made out of paperlike material and create something wonderful. How? We’ll show you!

With our BulletProof Stickers anyone can literally pimp up anything s/he wants, so let us begin.

First, the obvious: The BulletProof Stickers are perfect if you want to pimp the … well, can you guess it? – exactly, the BulletProof! So, those who can’t be bothered to write down the days and months again and again can simply take the stickers and use them for collections, such as birthday calendars or to-do lists. Most people probably won’t even notice that you didn’t write it by hand.

Of course, you can also add the BulletProof stickers to other lists and trackers. There’s plenty of symbols, everyone will find one s/he needs. No matter whether you plan to have a barbecue, or get down your passwords or your menstrual cycle, we’ve come up with all kinds of ideas for sticker symbols. Bombs away … 🙂

Now, it’s getting a bit more nifty ’cause the stickers are also of great help if you want to learn how to draw. Of course, you can practice by putting a sticker in your sketchbook and draw it over and over again. But there’s a method that some of you might be interested in as well, particularly those of you who want to or already work with FlipCharts.

Stick them to our Estatics and you can use the BulletProof stickers more than just once. Plus, you can then place the Estatics on the FlipChart, so you don’t have to look down and up again when you’re trying to draw something from a book or your phone. Moreover, you can create little collections that are sorted by topics. This will help you find possible symbols for terms that are a bit more abstract which you can then use at workshops.

Back to the small format. Do you like going on vacation? How about a personal greeting card for your loved ones? Or you usually use cards to send good wishes or important messages? No problem at all! Just write something nice and complete it with a few lovely symbols. Or you add the stickers to a picture you drew …

By the way, those of you who prefer “gift giving” rather than “gift receiving” can take our Tag-Its and use them as gift tag that will look even better with a cool BulletProof Sticker. And if you don’t want to lack a Tag-It from your Charterobe® (fair enough), then you can simply order another set. This way, no ChartLoop will miss a label.

Even more stickers?

Now, we don’t just offer the BulletProof Stickers, no, we also have special stickers for your Novario® boxes. Should you usually mark your boxes with masking tape or unprinted labels, you can confidently stop doing that now. The Novario® Stickers already contain all kinds of symbols that show your boxes’ contents. You can, thus, immediately see what’s inside a cloed box without opening it.

If you let participants use your material during workshops, they will from now on also know where to find the item they are looking for. And let’s be honest: Can you actually come up with someone that offers stickers that have, among other things, stickers printed on them? Smooth, huh? And in case you still feel like there’s something missing, please let us know on Facebook or Instagram. We’re looking forward to your feedback!