Stick-It WorkshopCards have come a long way and they are getting more and more popular all the time! They are visually exciting and naturally encourages interaction. So, we would like to share some tips and tricks to help you use them more efficiently and enable you to have a more successful meeting.

Proper Handling

It is important to pull off each individual card the right way to ensure the bottom edges do not roll up.

Here is an example of what NOT to do:

Do not pull from here!


If you begin peeling the Stick-It Card whilst curving the card it will cause the paper to curl (known as the “Curling-Effect”) and it won’t stick properly to your desired surface.


How to prevent the “Curling-Effect”


To reduce or eliminate this from happening we recommend the following:

1. Slightly raise the card from the pad

2. Peel the card in one motion by pulling slightly upwards and in a diagonal direction.


Smoother is Better

Adhesive cards stick best on smooth clean surfaces. Therefore, using them on pinboards with a felt fabric covering does not work . Always place pinboard paper on first, then the Stick-It Cards will adhere perfectly.

New Shapes

We introduced some new Stick-It Card shapes last year that is sure to add a new dimension to your workshops, especially when used in conjunction with our bestselling geometric shapes (rectangular, circle, oval, rhombus, & hexagonal).




The new card designs can be used to facilitate classic group interaction, brainstorming, process mapping, outlining dependencies, connections, and cross-linking.
Some of the shapes have dual-purposes; such as the Stick-It Leaf Card can be used as its name suggests as a leaf or as a raindrop.

The new generation of Stick-It WorkshopCards were created to continue to support the written word in dramatic visual fashion.

The full range of Stick-It WorkshopCards can be found on our online shop: