Do you also feel like you wanna try something else sometimes? Everything you need for this is a blank postcard, as many SketchOne as you wish and tape.

Let’s start

Take off the caps of the SketchOne and place the markers next to each other. Then join them by wrapping tape around them. It works best if you tape them together twice.

Now, you can draw four lines at once with your marker.

Design a postcard

Less is more. Therefore, we recommend to draw something very simple with this “special marker”. For instance: four parallel lines that flow into a heart and then back to a straight line again. Then, just add a little text below and there you have a nicely designed message for a loved one.

You need:

  • SketchOne, e.g. as a set of 4, item no.: 8035.9100
  • Artist Tape, item no.: 8078.0600

You would like to order from Austria or Switzerland? No problem! Simply enter the item numbers in the search box of the respective shop and get started.