You know your processes and yet want to take your skills to a new level—to co-create with colleagues and learners in a new and richer way. Join Jill for this immersion in learning about learning.
Do you love to work with folks, leverage their knowledge, ensure their engagement and deep learning… and yet wonder if systems and methods exist to target specific outcomes and make learning stick?
Do you have great ideas for activities yet no structure for the overall learning experience? Do you reach most of the people most of the time, yet yearn to engage virtually everyone all the time?
Would you like to shift roles sometimes—moving from co-creator of the learning experience to lead designer of the learning outcomes?
Are you using a design process that provides a structure and yet limitless avenues to exploit your creativity?

RSD is for intermediate and advanced graphic recorders, facilitators, and trainers who have yet to step directly into the process of integrating Accelerated Learning into the instructional design process.* In the worlds of education, learning and development, and talent management, the consistent pattern across state of the art processes and deliverables is a deep understanding of the multiplicity of ways in which we humans learn and express ourselves in all domains.

* If this jargon is new to you, no worries! Come to this session if you want to learn how to create a solid foundation for achieving the results you desire, in a fun, interactive, engaging way—it will make learning stick!




We begin at 30,000 feet to attain a big picture understanding of our undertaking, then we examine and learn each of the pieces of this grand puzzle. Each component of the program is reinforced through activities and Learning Labs, so you experience and reflect upon your new knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

Our agenda:

Share expectations around outcomes
Describe the attributes of great designers
Plan to create conducive learning environments
Explore the impact of human learning on the design and development of learning experiences
Identify our personal communication styles and their impact on design, development, and delivery
Identify core elements of the design and development process
Plan for evaluating results
Assess personal progress and growth in new skills development


This session is designed using the principles to be learned and lives the process of Accelerated Learning. It requires the active participation of all learners. We will engage in learning new concepts and practices, make the time to step back and examine what we are doing and why we are doing it, and what relevance it has to our experience and our future work.

Elements of Ready, Set, Design!

Prework—Even before our day together begins you will
use advance organizers, maps and templates to visualize and capture the results you want to achieve in your to-be-designed delivery (presentation, training program and/or graphic facilitation experience)
complete a complimentary behavioral styles inventory—to understand your styles, and those of others, even better
Toolkit and Templates
Post-session Check-In/Skype session

The session size is limited to 20 participants to ensure that everyone has the time and opportunity to contribute and have their questions answered.

Come ready to play full-out to get the very most from this total immersion experience. You will feel and see yourself learn and grow throughout the day!