True to the motto #stayathomebutgetfreshair I’ve discovered this cool idea in our neighborhood. My daughter and I were going for a walk (in Germany we are still allowed to be active outside) and when we were walking past a playground we saw a little sign attached to the fence. It said: “How many rainbows can you find?”

Walking down the path we found many little rainbows here and there. Now we know that this was the idea of a family we’re friends with (@frau_adele). They drew the rainbows together with their kids, laminated and cut them, and then hid them along the footpath. This not only brought joy to the kids creating this scavenger hunt but also the ones who had to search for the little rainbows. My daughter was really happy to play this game outside. Even if we had to walk the path on our own, she was so grateful that other kids had prepared the scavenger hunt with so much passion.

So, go for it! Draw some rainbows, ravens, suns, or other images, laminate and cut them, and “hide” them along a footpath – and don’t forget the sign at the beginning. Now, you just need to share a message with your starting point in some group chats of friends, kindergardens or school classes. Of course, you can also share your starting points here.

Here you’ll find a rainbow template.