To all lucky winners of tickets to EuViz® 2018 and Workshops with Kelvy Bird and Heather Martinez: Book your flight and pack your markers! Off to Denmark!

Wow folks, thank you all for all the wonderful birthday wishes you sent us! The variety was wonderful – we received all kinds of different messages, pictures and even videos.

The Team Neuland gathered this morning and marvelled all the pieces, each one displayed on the GraphicWall V3 and Pinboard.

In our conference room next door, we had a little movie theatre and watched the videos which were sent to us. Next time, we get Popcorn!

Well prepared with marking dots, Neuland staff from different departments votet the winners! It was not easy to choose at all! But we managed to make up our minds and here are the lucky winners:


Tickets to EuViz®2018:
Randi from Columbia
Sheilvy from United Arab Emirates


Workshop with Kelvy Bird:
Rachel from Italy
Laura from Netherlands


Workshop with Heather Martinez:
Agnieszka from Poland
Filippo from Switzerland

Thanks to everyone who participated. It really made our day and the pieces will get a place of honor at Neuland Headquarters!


For all those who did not win or those who forgot to participate, there is still one raffle going on until July 31st to win a workshop with incredible Brandy Agerbeck. More infos here: