It is very easy to replace our markers` nibs. What you should prepare and how to proceed with the replacement will be shown step by step.


All you need is the right preparation – make sure that you have the following things ready:

To ensure a smooth replacement, you will require:

(A) The marker, which nib should be replaced.

(B) The new nib-use only the same type of nib (wedge-, round-, or brush nib), otherwise some problems may occur.

(C) A tool to remove the nib. The scissors are mostly available, that is why we show the procedure with this kind of tool. You can also use some alternatives, such as tongs or firm tweezers.

(D) The refill ink in the corresponding colour ( the colour code on the refill bottle should match the one on the marker) and in the same system (water- or alcohol-based).


Pulling out the nib

Hold the scissors strongly enough to easily retract the used nib. Pull out the nib from the guide. We strongly recommend to use some tool for not getting your fingers dirty. Dispose of the nib straightaway in the wastepaper basket or household waste.



Placing the new nib

This is probably the most challenging part. In particular, as for the wedge nibs, as they have to be adjusted in a certain position to the recessed grips. But there is some “rule of thumb”, which makes the whole procedure easier. Hold the marker with your thumb and index finger in your right hand. Push the new nib with its thin side in the marker’s guide so as the high side (1) of the nib lies in the same position as your thumb (2). Follow the rule: high side of the nib= thumb position.

Since the nib is new and not filled with the ink, you can push it in with your fingers.

Push the nib gently until it stops. That’s all about the principle of replacing the nib. However, if you want to start with writing straightaway, you should read the next instruction.


Getting the nib instantly ready for use

Maybe you did exactly the same with your fountain pen at school when you replaced the cartridge. Normally, it takes some time for the nib to absorb the ink from the fiber stick. If you are in a hurry, you can gently place some drops of ink on the nib. Stop as soon as the nib is soaked with the ink. Good news! Your marker is fully operational now. Secure the refill bottle and you are ready to go!