Do you remember your last stroll through town? What do you often see in front of many stores? The typical postcard display stands that show many colorful cards. For every occasion, every city, every sight there are images neatly arranged and printed on glossy postcards. Very nice but “one of many”. It’s so much nicer to send individual, unique cards, lovingly crafted with your own message to your loved ones. Let us show you our ideas!

Handmade things are always more personal and beautiful. Of course, the back of a postcard offers enough space for a personal text. But what about the front? How nice would it be if we could just design our cards on the front, too? Ha! We actually can. We have markers for handlettering and drawing and now we even got new premium Postcard Sets to use. Great, so we’re ready!

Let’s start with the most obvious and place the most exciting ideas at the end of the text. Here’s número uno: Postcards. We offer a set of 10, either with white cards or with black ones. As marker fans you probably already know that the black cards are literally made for the AcrylicOne and the No.One Metallic. Let’s face it: They simply look too good on a black background! For the white cards, you can use all kinds of markers, as long as they are suitable for paper. Or you take some BulletProof Stickers – there’s so many different images, you’ll guaranteed find something for (almost) every topic. The only thing that matters is that you like it.

So, next time you go on vacation or travel to a far-away town and you just want to share the moment with someone, then simply start drawing and put exactly these things that you are looking at on the card, or maybe the things you find most fascinating. Maybe it’s even certain details you want to highlight. And on the back, you can either write a short text or you use it as additional drawing space. This is fun and the recipient will definitely be delighted to receive a Postcard with a personal touch.

Of course, the cards are also useful for other things. You can, for instance, leave a message for a very important person using the Postcards. Don’t get us wrong, adhesive notes on the fridge are fine but it only works in films. In real life, the notes with the loud colors fall off after 5 minutes and probably get kicked underneath the kitchen dresser before the person sees it. In comparison, the premium Postcards look much more impressive. Moreover, you can design individual Christmas cards, hand-written get well cards, or just use them as a little extra for a bouquet of flowers or a present.

Pssst: For veeeery special messages you can hide several cards in your apartment or a certain room and do a little scavenger hunt. On the front goes a part of a rebus or a single word. And on the back, you can add a riddle or further instructions as to where the next card is hidden.

Speaking of presents … We all used to have these boring Advent calendars with the tiny pieces of chocolate. Meanwhile, more and more handmade calendars find their way into our living rooms. So, why not create a calendar made of Postcards? Here, we show you how this could look like.

You already know the most important rule: There are no rules. Colorful and crazy or rather simple and modest? Just start visualizing, writing, or drawing. You see there’s plenty of room on the convenient Postcards for all sorts of images. And one way or another, the 24 little doors will look amazing next to each other!

On the back of the Postcards, you can add whatever you want to give. Poems, lyrics, a wonderful short story, maybe a love confession? You can also print or even draw a QR code that leads to a video. Other nice ideas include Christmas recipes for sweets and savory meals, or DIY instructions for decorations.

If you want to give the calendar to a colleague, you can share workshop ideas, facilitating tips, or marker hacks. Always keep in mind: It’s the small things that bring most joy to the people around you.

Maybe you prefer to take the calendar as a foretaste of the actual Christmas gift, if you give your loved ones something you can experience together: a short trip, or something they’ve wished for. Then you can place a hint on the present behind every door. As an alternative, you can design a puzzle consisting of 24 pieces. Every day, another piece can be added and in the end it shows the Christmas gift.

There are plenty of ideas that just wait for you to try them. Go for it!