I’m happy to send you the very first update from Cape Town. I arrived on Friday afternoon, but lots have happened since! 🙂

On Saturday morning I did a graphic recording/graphic facilitation in Salt River, for a South African community organisation. I find it fascinating that within the last two weeks, where I travelled to 5 countries in 3 continents with work, that we share so much the same vision, have similar challenges and ask very similar questions. South Africa is not an exception!


Topics that surfaced has been a lot about clarity on vision in a complex world, being part of a bigger ecosystem, learning to deal with conflict and having clarity about roles in an organisation.

On Saturday, the honesty about “elephants in the room” was beautiful, and some great processes will start from there. It was my first time to actually draw an elephant in my work.

And this organisation cares a great deal about recycling ressources, so I decided to draw the second session on some of the paper that had been used for the shipping of the Neuland materials.

On Sunday I went with the circus crew to Langa on the Cape Flats, where we participated in an Open Streets event (https://openstreets.org.za).

An event meant to inspire people to use public spaces in new ways.

Of course I brought paper and Neuland markers for the occasion, and it was a pleasure to draw with the kids and the youth in the area. I asked the question: “what’s your dream?” and just like many other places you would hear answers like a mermaid, a doctor, an astronaut, a football player, a pilot etc. Surprisingly many wanted to become a teacher!

Besides catching up with friends in Cape Town, enjoying the sun on the beach and landing, we have been gathering our energies in the group.

We both live and work together, so some alignment and planning is needed, so I used some of the large cardboard, also from the shipping, to create a large kanban and calendar for the three months, which makes it easy for us to have it all visual, movable and we are able to have an overview + tracking what has happened.

Today we went to buy groceries in bulk in one of the big markets where shops and super markets buy their supply in order for us to save money and still afford healthy good food. We got e.g. 4 medium sized watermelons for 2,30 EUR. Finally, but definitely not least, I have started some body work with the circus, so I can get in shape for the AfrikaBurn performance. Excited to see what tricks I will learn this year and see how strengthening my pshysical body will influence my practice scribing on a wall.


Sending you lots of sun and gratitude from the city in between the mountains and the ocean!

P.S. If you want to support Mona on this project, you’ll find all the information here.