Let’s create a pocket-sized notebook to jot down ideas, highlights of the week, the weekly gratitude list or even to give it to the kids and help them to keep track of activities and how many stars they’ve earned by accomplishing them!

We need a mouse pad, rectangular Pin-It cards, a pin-board pin, a needle and thread, and an AcrylicOne.

1. Select 4 workshop cards of your color choice.

2. Fold them in half and press them to make a crease.

3. Use the mousepad as a cushion, unfold the cards. Now follow the crease in the paper and gently punch tiny holes using the pin-board pin on the cards altogether. The distance between the roles is around 0.5 cm.

4. Thread the needle with double strand thread, then poke through the holes making tight stitches. Keep in mind to tie a knot both in the beginning and at the end of the stitches and remove the tail when the thread is cut off.

5. Close your tiny book and press it to make it even.

6. Using the AcrylicOne design the cover as you like. There you go, a pocket-sized notebook is done!

You need:

  • Pinboard Pins, item no.: 8072.0016
  • Pin-It Cards, rectangular, e.g. muted colors, item no.: 8002.010A
  • AcrylicOne MEDIUM, e.g. in gold, item no.: 7754.0501
  • Mouse pad
  • Needle and thread

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