This year will be different! Do you recognize this sentence? It’s great if you’re ready for change and new goals. But you’ll need a plan to achieve them …


Before you make a plan it’s important to reflect. We know that sounds incredibly boring and obvious but you should try it. You could even create a nice ritual to do this on a regular basis. Take one page of your journal to write down everything that made you feel good in the last year. Enjoy reliving the great memories and be proud of yourself. You did good this year.

When you’re done you can think about the things that didn’t turn out like you imagined them to. Do you know how to improve these situations in the future? For instance, if you always created a monthly log without needing it, you could try out weekly spreads and continually adapt them over the course of the year. But this is not just about the layout. This page is also a space for your personal goals and wishes.

Monthly log in a bujo
The monthly log helps you to stay on top of things.

Make resolutions

This brings us to the next step already. Some are convinced that New Year’s resolutions are important, others think they don’t do anything for you. This is completely up to you. If you like to set yourself some goals for the upcoming year though, why don’t you create a lovely vision board in your bullet journal?

Make sure to write down aims that can be broken down into little steps. Of course, you can also write or draw some big dreams as well. But remember: The higher the bar, the more endurance and power you’ll need to achieve something.

Plan for 2022 in a bullet journal
It can be so simple: All you need for your bujo are some markers and a nice journal.

Define priorities and organize tasks

This is for everyone that felt overwhelmed last year. For everyone that wasn’t able to organize their tasks at some point anymore. And for everyone that wanna have more time for themselves in the upcoming year. Be honest to yourself when you do this exercise! Think about the past year and ask yourself if you treated yourself good enough. The answer might make you feel uncomfortable but once you’ve realized what the issue is, you’re one big step closer already.

At this point you wanna take your journal and write down what’s important for you in your life. When it comes to your job, which tasks can be categorized as priorities? How could you rank your tasks to make it easier for you to say “no” if you already know you can’t finish in time? You could also add the duration of your daily tasks to this page, or create a basic routine that fits most of your days.

BuJo mood tracker
Your mental health is important, too.

Create a future log

Don’t worry, you won’t need to plan ahead your whole year right at the beginning. 😉 It’s always practical to have a future log in your new bullet journal, though. This doesn’t have to be a detailed list. Most of the time it’s enough to have a double page with a box for each year. When you then make an appointment that’s months ahead, or if you wanna include a birthday reminder for your friends and family, you add it to your future log. Depending on which spreads you’ll create over the year (monthly, weekly or daily), you can then transfer these dates.

Birthday calendar
Never miss a birthday again – thanks to a future log or birthday calendar

Now it’s your turn! Take some time to think about last year and the year ahead to get motivated to achieve your personal and professional goals. You can do it! ❤

You don’t know which basic equipment you need to start? It’s less than you probably think! Why don’t you begin with our BulletJournal Kit? 🙂