At first glance, the pinGo® Element looks like a normal pinboard: a two meterhigh board with its surface covered on both sides with high-quality felt.
Something similar you’ve seen before.

But – as you’ve come to expect from us – even the simple work surface has a lot more to offer. As usual, the felt is available in a variety of colors. Of course you can also get one side as a whiteboard, solidly enamelled and – of course – magnetic.
You may have seen something similar before.

But maybe you haven’t, then take a closer look: The side edges of the pinGo® Element are much more than a decorative frame for the work surface. It contains an ingenious magnetic hinge that allows you to connect individual boards in a matter of seconds. You need several boards in a straight row? A zigzag line? Or as an arch? You can! Or even an open square to specifically separate a conference area from others? Simply create what you need: with pinGo® your event space can be set up for any type activity in a flash. Have you ever seen anything like this?

In fact, you can even put three or four elements together to form an enclosed column, or you can build a hexagonal area for a small group – just leave out one wall. With pinGo® you can create new, open and yet separated spaces in many ways. Just the way you need it, quick and easy: because pinGo® comes on swivel castors, weighing in total merely 12.5 kilos. You’ve probably wished for something like this before, we bet!

We at Neuland are proud of this versatile idea that is so much more – than a normal mobile pinboard. Are you ready for it?
Then: pinGo®!