Ever wonder how to make letters colorful and pop off the page?
Here you can learn what lettering styles look good and how to add graduation (aka Ombre) to them using brush nib markers. Link to video

Pick of supplies

Start with the lightest color and using a “flicking” motion, add a darker and similar color from the top down. Yes, you can go from the bottom up, but top down is faster and easier.

You can also add finishing touches like outlines with a SketchOne and shadows with light grey or 303 pastelblue. Remember that bright, warm colors come forward while light, cool colors recede.

Create a nameplate!

Using a Pin-It card, fold it in half horizontally, write on each side and stand it up for the participants in your next workshop, offsite, meeting or retreat.

You need:

  • Neuland TwinOne®, item no.: 8054.0100
  • Neuland No.One® Art, item no.: 8059.0100
  • SketchOne, item no.: 8035.0100
  • Pin-It Cards rectangular, white, item no.: 8002.0101

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