We have a special affinity for all of our uniquely designed products. And we believe you too would love them once you got to know them. So, we wanted to offer you a proper introduction to one particular innovative product with the talented help from Klaudia Tolman and Michael Trochimczyk from ExplainVisually.co. As a result they created a video together with the Neuland team: a short fun video production of our Novario® Workshop Trolley that gives you an insightful look at this must-have for movers and shakers that could revolutionize how you work!

Sketched with our wide variety of Neuland markers and animated with Stop motion technology, this video provides you with how to solve your common work luggage issues. Finally you can become an organized efficient business traveller.


In the end it will become crystal clear how big of a difference working with the Novario® Workshop Trolley can make in your busy work-life.

Our modular Novario system is humorously described as a “Workshop Tetris”, and that is an accurate analogy. In addition the video injects many lighthearted moments and we even include a little something sweet* to brighten up your day!

* If you find the sweet yellow something, you can eat it 🙂


As you will discover just how much you can pack into the Trolley, it conveniently still fits into storage compartments meant for hand luggage on a plane.

Like we said at the top, we love the Trolley and its details, so this video production was created with a lot of enthusiasm to the point that the whiteboard animation studio decided proper final credits were needed to give props to all those involved.

Check it out for yourself: Novario® Workshop Trolley Film!

Editing: Neuland