Wanna keep your markers and accessories organized? No problem at all! With our sophisticated Novario® system everyone can do it.

One system for every situation

Storage or transport – the convenient Novario® boxes allow you to always store your tools in a safe and organized way. Thanks to their dimensions that are cleverly geard to each other they can be placed in any of our workshop cases and bags, and replaced according to your needs. Platz und können beliebig ausgetauscht werden.

For example, if you have a whole marker range in your office, you either put the boxes on your desk to show off, or you neatly store them in a drawer.

Novario® ShoulderBag
Empty or filled with workshop materials – discover our bags and cases.

Running late for an in-person training? Simply grab the boxes you need and add them to your Novario® workshop case. Bada bing – there’s no way to pack faster! You could even prepare separate Markerboxes for each participant. This way, they’ll be able to work with proper tools and be safe at the same time.

The right Novario® Box for your tools

We’ve already established that the convenient boxes are compatible with every Neuland case and bag thanks to their dimensions. But there are differences when it comes to content.

Novario® Markerbox L
Safely store your BigOne in the Novario® Markerbox L.

Boxes for markers

Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you to choose the right box. There are five different versions for markers. The Markerbox S holds all Neuland FineOne®, size M is for the Neuland No.One® and boxes L and XL are for your Neuland BigOne®. For the Neuland TwinOne® we recommend the closable Markerbox Flat.

Fun fact: When you place your markers in a box with the colored bottom up, they’re automatically stored the right way. ‘Cause the markers listed above are all stored nib down. And for the TwinOne you choose your favorite nib and let it face downwards.

Novario® CardBox
The CardBox holds 500 workshop cards.

Boxes for Workshop Cards

There are also Novario® boxes for workshop cards. The CardBox holds 500 rectangular cards and with the CardHolder even round cards are standing straight. You can even add a divider for markers to your CardBox. This combines 250 workshop cards with 10 Neuland No.One®. And the small TitleBox is for our large title strips and even some masking tape.

Novario® AccessoryBox with Novario® Stickers
This is how you store your accessories: in the Novario® AccessoryBox with matching stickers.

Boxes for Accessories

If you have small accessories or loose parts, the AccessoryBox is your best friend. Use this box for everything else you might need. And since you can close the box and still wanna know what’s inside, you can simply add mark them with our Novario® Stickers.

Pssst: Some of our Novario® boxes are also available in ecofriendly versions made of grass paper. Discover our Eco Line here.