You already know our sophisticated Novario® system. But what’s so special about its corresponding Eco Line?

There’s always a way to go greener …

Paper’s better than plastics, we probably all agree on that one. But do we actually have to cut down so many trees to get it? Spoiler alert: NO!

That’s why we offer four of our Novario® boxes in an Eco version that’s even more ecofriendly. This includes the Markerbox M for our Neuland No.One®, the Markerbox L for the Neuland BigOne®, the convenient AccessoryBox and the CardBox.

Novario® Eco with marker set Pink Amethyst
These pieces of art and photos are created by Neuland Toolmaster® Sandra Dirks – thanks for this wonderful idea!


Nowadays it’s completely normal to recycle paper and many have already reduced their use of paper. Sounds great at first but what’s life without challenges? Wouldn’t it be nice to make a new piece of paper out of an old one? You wish! After 6 to 7 rounds of recycling the old fibers get too short. We, therefore, always need to add some new fibers to the process.


The most difficult part in paper production is to separate the wood fibers from the lignin, which is the main component of wood. For this process we need lots of chemicals, energy and water. And the higher a plant the more lignin it contains. Isn’t it kind of obvious to use something that’s way shorter and grows almost everywhere instead? Hmm … Grass, maybe? Simple but ingenious!

Novario® Eco Markerbox with sea horse
Pretty it up – with water-based Neuland Markers

And that’s still understated: Grass can be recycled just as good as wood. It can be used for food packaging and doesn’t need any chemical substances. Plus, the grass-based pulp is 1.5 times more energy efficient, causes only 77% of emissions, needs 65% less water and has a 5 times lower acidification potential compared to recovered paper. Wow! Marty McFly probably fell of his hoverboard when he heard that.

… and more beautiful, too!

After sharing so much knowledge we’ve got something beautiful to show, too. ‘Cause you can also pretty up these extra thin storage heroes. So, if you prefer to have individual Novario® Eco boxes, just take some water-based Neuland Markers and add your personal style!