“Metallic pencils that do not need to be shaken or pumped? Really?”, you may think. But it is true: you do not need to shake or pump our Neuland NoOne® Metallics before use. Cap off and get started!

If you’re thinking of Heavy Metal here, then PUMP up the volume, SHAKE your mane and become a headbanger, if you want. But the NoOne® Metallic does not need the shaking and pumping. Here you can take off your cap completely relaxed and calm and immediately start scribing, painting, recording.

Thies Thiesen thinks:

Particularly effective are the metallics on black paper, e.g. on our black flipcharts or in our new 4-2 Sketch Notebook. The number M180 even affects the distance almost white. Very noble, with a slight sparkle.

Recently at the EuViz the participants could try the metallics in our Neuland®-Playground. Here is an insight:

These are the results

The MetallicOne is available in 10 colors

Definitely a sparkling pink and a beautiful copper are also available.

The MetallicOne has to be stored horizontally!

You have to store your new metallics horizontally, so that the small metal particles in the ink can not clump in the tip. For this reason you will find a note on the marker here as well.

We have a small hint for storage here:

Metallic to metal goods, right?

Definitely, these markers are refillable. As far as the refill ink is available in the shop, we will inform you here or on our Facebook page.

Have you already tried the metallics?