We present: the team behind the Neuland newsletter. Every month, they collect cool deals, important news of the industry and interesting facts about Neuland and our products.

The e-mail you receive in your mailbox every month is sent to you by a team of five Neulanders. Our E-Commerce Department doesn’t just create the newsletter but they are taking care of our online shop and social media accounts, too.

„Behind ideas there are even more ideas“

First of all, you need some great ideas to fill the newsletter. So, we get together every month and ask ourselves what you might wanna know. We think about possible campaigns, benefits and information to include for you. And since we want you to have a good time reading, we choose the best ideas for the final newsletter.

Brainstorming ideas when everyone’s working from home

Images, texts and everything else that’s included

Our graphic designer Christian creates images that are tailored to each individual topic. At the same time, he makes sure that all images fit together to create a “golden thread” that you can follow through the newsletter. Our copywriter and translator Lisa does the same thing when writing her texts. Her aim is to make every word worth reading, just like the words before, and to give you all the information you need.

In order to give the newsletter its final touch, our shop operator Marcel works on the layout and adds links. He also takes care of our online shop, which is where you’re directed to when you wanna learn more about a certain topic. Our trainee Alischa supports all of us: When one of us needs help, she can do text or image editing, and even adjust the layout to get the newsletter ready for review.

And since these four individuals sometimes tend to get carried away when working on their favorite tasks, team leader Bianca makes sure all deadlines are met and you receive the newsletter right on time. Of course, all departments at Neuland are closely linked together, which means we support each other by exchanging ideas and materials. All for one and one for all!

„Before we share the newsletter the team goes wild.“

There’s nothing worse than tiny errors that try to make their way into our newsletter. This is why we check every single detail to prevent these errors from being published. And since there’s a lot to look out for, a final meeting like this can take a while.

You can imagine it like this: We all sit together, staring at the final version of the newsletter and we even make sure that the gaps between the words aren’t too big and everything looks consistent. Just before hitting the send button, we do a full rehearsal where carefully selected Neulanders take a fresh look at everything. You see, we’re doing our best to ensure that the newsletter you receive is easy on the eyes and fun to read, even after a long working day.

By the way: If you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter yet, you’re welcome to do so here. We’re always looking forward to new subscribers to share our knowledge with. And you even get a small thankyou.