Sustainability affects all of us. Since the beginning of the 80s, environmental protection is a rudimentary part of Neuland’s corporate policy. You wanna know how we protect the environment and get to know our great, sustainable products? Scroll down and get inspired! Yours, Neuland trainee Jana 🙂

About this project

We wanted to know what we actually have in common with our trainees. Are there certain topics or products they are as passionate about as we are? In our new series “Neuland newbees present” we share a trainee’s blog post every month, and dear Jana is particularly interested in sustainability.

Sustainable products

We produce safe materials, which can either be recycled or disposed without any problems. Our whole range of paper is recyclable and partly even made from sustainable forest wood, such as the bright white InstaFlip paper. And the products that are even better for the environment have an FSC label and the Blue Angel certificate.

refill Neuland Markers
Easy: This is how you refill your markers.

Another super solution for the environment are the water-based refill inks. With just one bottle of ink you can refill the Neuland No.One® 22 times. This alone reduces the use of valuable resources by 95%. Since 2020, all of our markers are refillable. And to make this process as easy and comfortable as possible, we offer our great refill boxes. These convenient boxes hold up to five Neuland Markers and are made of cardboard instead of plastics.


Neuland is continuously working on environmentally friendly packaging. We use cardboard boxes, filling material of paper and brown paper bags for incidentals. We only use foliation for protection of a product if there’s no alternative at this moment in time.

sustainable packaging

Behind the scenes

green energy icon

Of course, we also aim for a good energy balance. Since 2020 we use 100% of green energy and gas, and we’ve switched to LED lamps in the whole production area. Moreover, 95% of our manufacturing process takes place in Germany or Europe. This way, we’re able to reduce unnecessary transport routes, thus, CO2 emissions.

Your contribution

You can help, too, and make a positive contribution! This doesn’t mean you have to stop driving or live a life without any plastics. Small steps are just fine. Why don’t you start by refilling your markers instead of throwing them away? We also offer replacement nibs and caps, and we even have a huge stock of spare parts for our boards and flipcharts. So, if you ever lose a screw or something gets damaged during transport, we’re more than happy to help you repair it.